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A few weeks ago,a visit to Villa Vertigo with relaxation in mind somehow turned out to be a rather physically tiring adventure.Arrival around 5 o'clock,a lot of male(mainly Dutch icebears) custumors were dominating this club.After some beverages in the deserted non-smoking area(perfect for some acclimatisation),the (over)crowded smoking area was filled with horny red-robed occupants,and luckily also with an overdose of blonde,mainly Rumanian,girls.Some might say that the line-up was quite ok,in my opinion,it was the best one I've seen in VV yet.To my surprise,a familiar face from club Samya last winter(Patty)was sitting in a dark corner surrounded by some girlfriends/buddies.No secrets revealed that her physical appearance attracts a lot of attention,and I have to admit,also mine.She's still quite shy,silently hiding in the background,wearing more clothes than strictly needed,but still drop-dead gorgeous in my opinion.

I silently sat at the bar,tried to say no in a polite way to the more aggressive girls(some don't take one no as an answer,so some endurance in holding off is required sometimes)and observed Erica(Patty's house-name now) for a while.When she came over to the bar for a drink,we exchanged some regards of mutual connection from somewhere/sometimes/somehow.Off course,my glances were not overseen,and she shuffled over to have a chat.Nice to hear that Erica nowadays speaks some English and German,so communication which was almost impossible back in Samya is a lot easier nowadays.In fact it was a nice conversation,so this renewed connaissance must find a prolonging in an undressed way as far as I was concerned.Somehow she agreed on this,and soon the walk upstairs was due.Nice.

A large room,very clean with shower(always nice to take a quick shower before act..n),and most important a heavenly girl with whom to spend some time with.I must admit that seeing this lovely girl take her clothes off is worth a visit on it's own.Woow,she's still as pretty as I remembered from her short stay in S.,a bit skinny maybe,but certainly not skinny enough to push her out of the bed.Erica is possibly one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in fkk-world,if not top of the list.Her breasts are way too big for her overall-body-proportion,but what can you do,just a minor problem I guess.A few minutes in the shower were the perfect start to the session,I have no problem whatsoever to rub her back on any given day,so why complain today?

Service-wise,not top of the list to say the least:no tongue-kissing whatsoever,holding back a little in all positions,but her looks compensate a lot to be fair.It was a pleasure to explore her body for the first fifteen minutes or so,hard to find a spot which I disliked,and she was receptive to my efforts more than I would have imagined beforehand.Tough so know if it's real or played sometimes,but not in this case;there were obvious signs that she was not unhappy,and that led to an engaged service which gets my approval without a shadow of a doubt.Her was ok,not top-class(too much hand sometimes) but still quite good.She certainly made an effort to give me a good time,no time-pressure of any sort,and after a while in 69-gear,some protection was needed.

As told above,Erica holds back a little during,what can you do?It's a bit annoying sometimes,but once again,not in a bad manner.After a while things loosened up,and she became more engaged but still not the service-bomb in sight.Once again,touching and seeing her body makes up for a lot in her case,so expect the expected I guess.Overall i must say that I was pleasantly surprised by her approach,we had fun,and she's a treat lookswise,and if you treat her nice,she rewards you in the same manner.To be repeated whenever I'm in Vv next time,this girl has the looks.

Downstairs,the financial exchange(she asks 100E for an hour by the way) was completed,and I must admit,afterwards she came over a few times for a gentle kiss,nice to see that she's treating her clients in a proper way.

Time-out for recovery and refreshments,had a nice conversation with a few other visitors,nice to chat about this&that.As ever,food was not excellent to say the least,it seems that one plate is enough to substain your required calorie-level for some time,strange that they don't take care of this in a better way.I guess the chef has some personal issues,or he's probably heavily sponsored by weight-watchers,strange for an otherwise classy club.

On the hunt for session number two,I spotted another blonde bombshell in the non-smoking area:Corina.Also rumanian,also drop-dead gorgeous,same body-type as Erica,only smaller breasts;but still a perfect tight b-cup.She has semi-long blonde hair,piercings under the lip,in belly and eyebrow,so easy to spot.She speaks English fluently,has funny remarks on a lot of for me unknown visitors,so a very nice conversation to break the ice as they say.I mainly fancy dark-haired girls,but today must be my blondes-day,what the h..l,if it's an optick-fick day for no reason,why even bother about the spiritual side of things.Off to the "zimmer",switch the brain off and enjoy.

There's certainly enough to enjoy when you meet up with Corina,a very tight body,shapely firm breasts with small nipples,but not to be overseen.She's very sensitive,so luckily I was shaved for once,so eploration-tour number two was due;and once again no great deception here as well.I'm seriously considering to move to Rum. for a while to check out if all girls are as pretty as these 2 I met today.If you see these two girls,it's hard to imagine that there are more like them in their street,but if so,I'm saying goodbye to fries?beers and chocolate for a while.

The downpart is that Corina doesn't frenchkiss as well,what a pity.She's quite ticklish,so touch her feet,and you're slapped.Her is not bad at all,she has her own specific "technique" which involves a lot of licking upside-down,a bit different but ok.-wise she's more active than E.,she likes rhythm and gives gas,pedal to the metal.I even turned down her offer of doggy-style,to let her ride a bit more on top.She was sweating a lot,but she kept going and gets my total approval in that compartment.Once again not a bad view to say the least and she doesn't hold back in any way during the ride,great!

After happy ending nr2,she turns out to be an 100E girl as well,but ok,if you have a good time,that's peanuts I guess.Overall,a Rumanian inspired day with two platinum-blonde optick bombshells,not a bad thursday after all i guess.Quite tired I geared up to drive back home after a satisfying day in booby-heaven Rumanian style.Off to Bucarest...

Peace out!
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