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Daumen hoch Besuch von Freitag 24 Februar

I spent an excellent day (once again ….) with a french friend .

At least, 40 girls were present and several interesting options were available for me. Another visit would be planed soon ….

I also recognized several girls met before in other clubs like Nikki, Pia and Dilara (PSR) and also two from Magnum and VV.

I did an excellent session with Nikki.

Nikki (Czech) :

Profile : 33 yo, 1.65 m, light brown / blond hair, slim silhouette, chest cup-A. Recently arrived at 6Sens after 2.5 years in YY and several years in PSR.

Service : I was surprised that she recognized me and also remembered my name after almost 3 years when she left PSR where she was my favorite …. She didn’t change : natural, elegant and friendly …. After a pleasant social time where we reminded the past, the session was excellent as usual. Just gfe and sensual as I like, few girls gives me such a service

Appreciation : 9,5 / 10

Price : 100 € / 60 minutes – no extra.

Repetition : 100 %.

So long…
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